'Futuro': Because Science Is The Only News

One of the successful projects that have come about as a result of the Diffusion Network is the Futuro supplement produced by members SciDevNet and Materia (El Pais’ Science section). Here, the Materia team tell us a bit more about Futuro.

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By Patricia Fernández de Lis and Francisco Domenech, Materia

The Futuro Supplement emerges from the observation of a reality: more and better scientific information is needed in newspapers. Materia, the science section of the newspaper EL PAÍS, and SciDev.Net, which publishes scientific information from and for Latin America, have decided to join forces to produce this supplement, which is intended to be published once a month. The goal is to develop specialised information on topics related to science, the environment, technology and health, especially oriented toward the interests of Latin American readers. The layout of the supplement will be flexible, but will always open with a long article, followed by a page of brief news and an interview, and the last page will be dedicated to presenting great Latin American researchers, both men and women.

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Materia came into being in 2012 as an independent project to present rigorous scientific information in an attractive and entertaining manner. In 2014, the project was integrated into EL PAÍS, the most widely read Spanish-language newspaper. Today, Materia is a leader in providing scientific information in Spanish, with millions of monthly readers and more than a million followers on social networks. In 2015, the site won the Prisma Prize, the most prestigious recognition in Spain in this field, for being "a benchmark of scientific journalism," according to the jury's decision. With Futuro, and with the collaboration of SciDev.net, Materia wants to help Latin American newspapers recognise scientific information as being an integral part of their offering to readers because, after all and as Stewart Brand has said, "Science is the only news."